Family Caregiver Resources

The Arrowhead AAA is a leader in understanding and supporting the needs of a growing population of family caregivers.

If you are a family caregiver, use this page to help you navigate your role as a caregiver.

The Senior LinkAge Line®—1-800-333-2433—is your first call for help about caregiving. Information specialists will refer you to resources in your community.


What is a caregiver?

You've probably heard the word "caregiver" but what does it really mean? A caregiver is a relative or friend who provides care for an older or disabled adult. Caregiving can be as intense as providing around the clock care for a person with dementia, or as simple as regularly picking up groceries for a neighbor. Caregivers may help prepare meals, pay bills, do personal care, manage medications and assist with, or make, major life decisions.

Caregiving is important work and it can be rewarding, but it can also be stressful. You are not alone. An estimated 585,000 Minnesotans are caregiving for an older or disabled adult.

Family members and friends who provide care to an older adult often think of themselves as daughters, husbands, partners, and friends – not caregivers. Identifying as a caregiver is the first, and often most important, step a person who is playing this important role can take.

Family members and friends who understand they are caregivers will be more likely to:

  • Gain confidence as they gain access to education and support services

  • Become part of a community of caregivers, while maintaining their role as wives, sons, partners and friends

  •  Provide quality care they while staying healthy and active themselves