Health Care Professionals


Pre-admission Screening (PAS)

A pre-admission screening (PAS) is required for anyone seeking admission to a MN Medicaid nursing facility regardless of length of stay or payer source. The Senior LinkAge Line® (SLL) securely receives the form that health care providers complete on-line at, and review this to determine if the individual meets the level of care criteria, and if further face to face screening is needed by county social workers, public health nurses, or health plans. SLL offers follow-up support services to individuals discharging back to the community. 



Health Promotion Workshops

The Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging operates in conjunction with Juniper, a statewide network delivering evidence-based health promotion programs.  Community-based partners, healthcare providers, and local instructors deliver Juniper’s health improvement programs. The Juniper network ensures programs are delivered by established, qualified Service Delivery Organizations in trusted environments.

Whether you are a friend, a relative, or a health professional, it’s easy to make a referral. When you refer someone to one of Juniper's classes, they will be contacted by an Arrowhead representative within three business days.  We will help you find a class that best fits your needs.

Juniper PDFs for Providers