Mission Statement

ARDC’s mission is “To serve the people of the Arrowhead Region by providing local units of government and citizens groups a means to work cooperatively in identifying needs, solving problems and fostering local leadership.”  The Advisory Committee on Aging (ACA) is a group of citizen leaders elected by the commission to ensure AAAA fulfills this mission as it pertains to the arrowheads aging community members. The ACA works to develop policy and supporting services to help shape the future and improve the quality of life for older people in the arrowhead region by providing stakeholder representation from each county in the region and oversight to AAAA.

Focus Areas

Administration; Advocacy; Access and Development.


AAAA’s vision is that all people 60+ in the Arrowhead have access to supportive services and the choice to be independent, active and stay in their own homes as long as possible.


AAAA values inclusion, transparency, respect, integrity and moral courage, the quest for understanding, process and due diligence, accuracy, honesty, creativity, collaboration, diversity in all forms, lifelong learning, doing our best work daily, work/life balance and finally, we believe that being nice matters.