Technical Assistance


Technical Support

The Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging provides technical support including information, training, and consultation to service providers, community groups,  municipalities, and individuals interesting in serving older adults in their communities.

Depending upon the initiative, we can help:

  • Develop service programs

  • Leverage local leadership, partnerships and resources.

  • Gather and interpret demographic data

  • Assess community assets, needs and opportunities

  • Identify potential funding sources

  • Complete funding proposals

  • Prepare marketing and promotional materials

  • Plan and implemented programming

  • Develop plans for organizational sustainability

  • Develop data management systems

We have expertise in a range of issues and services related to older adults, including:

  • Caregiver support

  • Nutrition

  • Chore/homemaker

  • Evidence-based health promotion

  • Transportation

  • Publically funded long-term care waiver programs

  • Communities for a lifetime

  • Technical Support for Nonprofits

    The Minnesota Department of Human Services offers a three-part educational program that helps home and community-based service providers design plans for sustainability. Sustaining Your Nonprofit Into the Future: A Curriculum for Home and Community Based Service Providers encourages leaders to think broadly about their nonprofit’s sustainability. The first course helps leaders assess community needs and find ways to create sustaining relationships. The second course helps identify strategic position–or “niche”–and how strengths fit with the community’s priorities. The last course provides tools to help sustain the organization financially.